Saturday, January 26, 2013

2012 what happened ?

just like the y2k scare' 2012 has passed. also just like them people say nothing happened. but they would be just as wrong again. i won't get into what happened for y2k, but suffice it to say it would have been teotwaki but for the extreme efforts of millions of programmers. despite that the cities had dumpsters dedicated to the dead computer systems for a year afterward.
now for the subject at hand.........
at exactly the time of the alignment with galactic center these planet sized objects appeared around the sun. IMHO they popped out of the sun. i think they use it as a portal for intergalactic travel.

                                       and concurrently these UFO's began appearing worldwide.

                 if that's not enough this hugh GAMMA burst has begun coming from galactic center.

so if you think nothing happened THINK AGAIN ! it's a NEW AGE just like the mayans predicted.

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