Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GAMMA rays ??

Just as I expected! the closer we get to the galactic alignment the more GAMMA we will experience. What they fail to see is that the GAMMA they see is just the scattered gamma from the central emmitter. since GAMMA is very coherent the beam will be EXPONENTIALLY stronger as we progress. that's why the first time this glow was seen it was larger and less intense. like a flashlight beam it appears more intense the closer it's beam is to being centered on you.
it started here with a unknown large GAMMA burst that laste SECONDS

Recently they discovered this GAMMA RAY lasting hours. what this is depicting is a GAMMA BEAM slightly off center.,_Previously_Unseen_Structure_In_Our_Galaxy;_Remnant_Of_An_Eruption_From_A_Supersized_Black_Hole_At_The_Center_Of_Our_Galaxy..html

UPDATE: Mar. 30, 2011 NEW GAMMA RAYS observed lasting 13 days as of this writing. what historiclly FLEETING MOMENTS of GAMMA radiation have progressed to DAYS LONG BURSTS.

next will be CONTINEOUS beams ( maybe the previous posting is the start ) of increasing intensity.

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